i·dol·um, n. : an appearance or image; a phantasm; a mental image or idea; a creative design & post production house in Denver Colorado.

From 2D design to 3D animation, from the first cut to an HD finish - let our ideas put your ideas in motion.

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Stevinson Auto

June 7, 2013

She said she only drove it to and from church.. but Piffle & Snark shows us the real history of this grandmother's car in one of a series of new spots for Stevinson Auto, onlined & color graded at idolum.

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Kasasa 360

June 4, 2013

2D meets 3D in a new animation spot by Roshambo Films for Kasasa 360, a new online personal finance management system being offered by banks across the country.

In a month-long process working with director Jim Elkin of Roshambo, idolum helped take the spot from concept to completion. Using 3D animation with hand-painted textures, we created a dynamic trip through a colorful Kasasa world where all your finances are easily under your control.

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LiveWell Colorado

May 2, 2013

You deserve to be healthy - and doing it begins with reminding yourself as much. idolum helped Launch Advertising inspire you to make a few good choices in "Shrines of Motivation," a new spot for LiveWell Colorado.

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